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Professional Commercial Power Services

Vector Electric has a professional building electrician’s license (one of the most stringent professional certificates), specializing in the design, layout, assembly, installation, commissioning, fault detection and elimination of various industrial commercial power facilities, as well as maintenance of wires and fixtures, control equipment, related equipment in buildings, and more.
Commercial Power Wiring
Vector Electric can take on various types of commercial power engineering while remaining safe, efficient and punctual. Plus, our prices are competitive.
LED Light Pipe Upgrade
LED lights will offer a return on investment in just two to three years.
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Fire System Upgrade
In the past few years, Vector Electric has completed about 30 commercial and apartment fire alarm systems. With skilled technicians and years of experience, you can trust Vector Electric!
Outdoor and Parking Lot Lights
Improve the safety of commercial properties, save on electricity and reduce maintenance costs with proper outdoor lighting.